In 1992 a group of friends met together in a home for the first meeting of what would become the Morris Praise & Worship Chapel, and then changed to The Open Door in 2001.

The journey of The Open Door has been one big adventure and an evolution get redirected here of the Holy Spirit’s work & leadership.

Here is a short overview of where we started, where we’ve journeyed and where we are today.

Each part of Christ’s family grows in its unique characteristics.  Nobody knew what this family would eventually look like.  It was really taking each step in faith and trusting the Holy Spirit to mold us and shape us.  We are very aware that we are just one expression of Christ’s family in this town.  Each church family here and in the surrounding communities has its unique calling and flavour.  Our style is not for everyone.  We are not “it”.  We are not better than any other church family in the area.  We are a unique blend of different cultures and ages.  We have a unique relaxed style.  The “characteristics” that people have talked about most through the years is that it is a safe place, people are real & authentic, they feel unconditional love, they can come as they are and they sense non-judgement.

God has called us to be an externally focused church.  Right from the start we encouraged each one to be a blessing in the community.  We are not here to build The Open Door.  We are here to be a blessing to this community.  To extend love & grace every day of the week.  No matter where we work.  No matter what each day holds.  We have been encouraged to be “salt & light” in the community…getting involved in hockey, golf, art, community groups, etc.  If you want a really good overview of who God has called The Open Door to be, read the book called The Externally Focused Church by Rick Russo.  Our heart is to get out into our community in creative ways and be a blessing wherever we can…sharing God’s unconditional love and walking an authentic walk, rubbing shoulders with people in real life situations.


February 1992: Meeting at Harold & Margaret Klassen’s house.

May 1992 (Mother’s Day): First meeting at the Busy Nest Day Care with 40 people.
• Gavin & Joan van der Linde were involved half time as guest speaker and worship leader.

July 1992: Named “Morris Praise & Worship Chapel”

September 1992:  Move to the Morris School
• Started Sunday School
• 80 people

October 1994: First service in the old “Zion Evangelical Church” with 40 people.
• Came under the covering of “Gateway Christian navigate to this website Community Church” in Winnipeg.

December 1996-December 1998: Pastor Paul Vierra led the congregation

June 1999: Gavin & Joan started full time.

April 2001: Move to the Southern Manitoba Convention Centre.
• Name changed to “The Open Door”.

September 2005: Jack Wiebe started full time as a Youth Pastor.

December 2008: Jerald Schmidt started full time as a Family Pastor.
• Jack Wiebe moved on to be the full time YFC Drop-In Centre Director

November 2009: Came under the covering of “Church of the Rock” and “Lifelinks International”

December 2012: Jerald & Daniela Schmidt moved back to Paraguay.

February 2013: Jason Klassen was hired on as a full time associate Pastor.

October 2014: Gavin resigned as Pastor.

October 2015: Jason was ordained as the full time Pastor.